16 February 2011

30 Day Challenge- 20

Day 20 - How important you think education is.

Hmm... considering I'm spending all this time and money (and by money I mean 4-5 hundred dollars on books a semester... my parents graciously pay my tuition and lots of other expenses^^) on getting a bachelors, i'd say I think education is very important. I might not always want to go to class (i played hookie my fair share in highschool), and I might not always see the point of  some things that we're learning or doing, but I think being an educated member of society is very important and can really help you out in life. For example, just taking AP classes in highschool earned me 6 extra credits in college 2 years later (thats about half a semesters worth of classes). That means less money and less time that I'll have to spend here! Education is a good thing :)

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