21 February 2011

Movie Mondays: Castle

 I'm cheating just an eensy bit and using one of the 30 day challenge prompts (one of your favorite shows) for a movie monday. I think it's good though because it gives me a reason to feature television, something that I don't often do for movie mondays! Now, I thought about picking a really obscure underground tv show for you guys, but the problems with those is they tend not to last very long. Networks seem to cancel a lot of good shows for no apparent reason other than the majority of americans are too dumb to understand them... sad.

I watch a decent amount of mainstream television anyways though, so today I'm going to feature one particular favorite of mine. When I say favorite, I mean it's the only one I regularly watch on hulu the day it becomes available :)

The show is Castle, starring Nathan Fillion as bestselling author Richard Castle and Stana Katic as detective Kate Beckett. Richard (who goes by "Rick" or "Castle" in the show) is friends with the mayor, so when he gets struck with writer's block after finishing his last murder mystery series he manages to fandangle his way into shadowing Kate Beckett for inspiration. At first he's a nuisance, but as you can probably figure out he ends up being an entertaining asset to the cases that Kate works on.

The show is mainly exciting for people who love Nathan Fillion from Firefly (there are several references made each season; for example, during a halloween episode Fillion dons his old Malcolm Reynolds costume and claims to be a "space cowboy"), as well as for those who just love a good murder mystery show. I've always liked watching shows like law and order, csi, and without a trace, so this show is a natural fit for me.

What sets this show apart from others (like the ones I just mentioned) is that it's got a lot of humor mixed in with the grittiness and mystery. Fillion is a funny guy, and his cocky and yet innocent humor is a thrill to watch. Furthermore, the show follows not only the cases and characters of the NYPD, but also Castle's family life- he has a dramatic and carefree live-in actress mother and a smart, vivacious teenage daughter. The contrast of work-castle and family-castle is another element that sets this show apart from other serial crime shows.

There are several episodes on hulu, but alas the seasons are not available on netflix instant. Someday I hope :) Castle shows on monday nights, check on the time where you are- and of course that means episodes are available on hulu on tuesday. If you like nathan fillion or like entertaining murder mystery shows, this could be the show for you!

since it's a tv show, there's not really a trailer... but here's the promo for the third season:

aaaand here's the title sequence:

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