01 May 2011

Lovely Little Things V.III

Another new month means another installment of this wonderful little feature! Hooray for appreciating the small, cheap things in life :)
Lovely Little Things V.III
1. Giving hugs
2. Receiving (and giving!) an honest compliment.
 3. Looking in the mirror and being happy with what you see.
4. Playing hookie! From work, school, whatever. Just deciding to do what you feel like doing, instead of what you're supposed to be doing!
5. Listening to that guilty pleasure music you wouldn't dare admit to (we all have it!) while you're alone and singing at the top of your lungs. 
6. The wonderful stream-of-consciousness that flows through your mind before turning into dreams at night
7. The feeling right after working out, especially the five minutes immediately after when your brain is flooded with endorphins, your skin is hot and damp, and your muscles are slightly (but not unpleasantly) sore. 
8. Wearing high-heels and feeling instantly just a little bit more sexy and sophisticated.
9. Dressing up in costumes- for holidays, themed parties, whatever. Costumes are always, always fun.
10. Getting butterflies in your stomach at the sight of someone. Good butterflies.

Another volume of Lovely Little Things in June! Have a wonderful, beautiful month of May :)


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