18 May 2011

20 things to do in my 20th year

 It's just a week and a day since my 20th birthday, and I've come up with the brilliant idea of writing down 20 things to do or experience before my 21st. ok, so... I didn't exactly "come up" with the idea, per se... i may have stolen it from the lovely lady over at Yes and Yes who came up with 32 things to do in her 32nd year. But I'm not going to steal any of hers! At least not intentionally. I'm not even going to look at what's on her list. I'm going to make mine first :)

1. Eat a habanero. This could be raw, whole, or cooked in some dish. No ditching the seeds though.
2. Do a one week fast- whole fruits and veggies on days 1, 2, 6, and 7; fresh fruit and veggie juice, water, and herbal tea on days 3 and 5, and water on day 4.
3. Drink ouzo in Greece
4. Get a puppy
5. Sell something handmade
6. Create the perfect chocolate chip cookie
7. Rent and actually use one of those silly work-out DVDs.
8. Make beer
9. Hike Pima Canyon, go camping there.
10. Create a sauce/condiment and name it MSoss.
11. Write a song
12. Go to Summerhaven at the top of Mt. Lemon, ride the ski-lift.
13. Take home-ec, make all the projects.
14.Spend a whole day without using my car (just walk, bike ride, etc)
15. Make this mac n cheese
16. Learn to play a new song on the piano- a recent, alt-folk song which I will also sing to.
17. Go on a grocery trip and attempt to use coupons to save an absurd amount of money
18. Take a photo a day for a month.
19. Beat Stewart at chinese checkers (this is his favorite game in the universe, and I have refused to play him at it since I met him in high school, because I want to get freaking awesome at it before I play him)
20. Make and record music with the people I love.

I may turn this post into a new page, so that I can cross things off as I go and keep track. I may also make a post for each thing I accomplish. This was really fun to write! If any of you feel so inclined as to write your own list of things to try/do, be sure to give me the link so I can check it out!!



  1. This is a cool idea. I think I'll make one.
    Oh, and in regards to your #1, those peppers are ridiculous! My dad puts them in most of his food, and it kills me.

  2. I am 22 years old, and I have never used a coupon at a store.
    I'm kind of ashamed for this.
    This is a brilliant idea. I really should make one of these, but I know that my list will be full of outlandish things like "become the sixth Spice Girl" or "meet Charlie Sheen."

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  3. Love this, Em! Please DO update us as you do each one and let us know how it turns out! : D