03 May 2011

my finals week means you get a movie monday fail(ish)

Hey, it's midnight thirty on a tuesday again and I forgot to do a movie monday! It's cool, i was busy memorizing notecards for my two finals tomorrow. My first is for my "art history of the cinema" class, and my second is for my "film history-2nd half of the 20th century" class. Interesting connection there, eh? Anyways, instead of giving you a movie to look into like I usually do every monday, I decided to do something slightly less cool and give you a list of some of the movies I've had to watch/study/memorize facts about this semester. some of them are really good, so check them out if you so desire!

North by Northwest
This Film is Not Yet Rated
Any Vera-Ellen Film
Do The Right Thing
Taxi Driver
The Player
The Hurt Locker
The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

I also watched about a kajillion tv shows for class, but I'll spare you guys those :)
If you're in school, hope everything is winding down nicely. If you're not, hope you're getting pumped for summertime! I know I am.

till tomorrow,

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