19 May 2011


is a very very busy day! I was supposed to get up early this morning (like, 6:30am) and walk downtown with my parents and have breakfast... but I had trouble getting to sleep last night so I was way too exhausted this morning and decided to stay in bed. next week hopefully :) anyways, now it's nearly 11 and I have a ton to do! I've got to shower and get all ready and then do my wardrobe challenge post of the day, then I have to go grocery shopping, and then I have to come home and cook 6 things for a family camping trip this weekend- hummus, tabhouli, babagahnoush, tuna salad, chickpea salad, and zucchini pasta salad. And since I'm going to be camping all weekend, I need to write up a handful of posts that I can schedule for the next few days so this blog doesn't get lost again. gah. At some point stewart, my sister, and her boyfriend will be arriving and I'd really like to put together a nice indian dinner for all of us- so throw that on top of the cooking I'm already doing- and then I'd like to go hang out with some friends because it's stew's only night in prescott for a while. whew. I'm exhausted just typing it.

so anyways, that's that. It's a very pleasant somewhat cloudy day today. Yesterday it drizzled all day and I made a pot of tea and a fire and just relaxed. I'd love to do the same today but it's time to get moving... I hope it keeps raining though cause I love this weather!

See you guys after I shower and get dressed haha

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