20 May 2011

Wardrobe Challenge: Week 1, Day 5

Another day of the wardrobe challenge!

Today I pulled my inspiration from Sandra in Big Fish. I love that movie. Largely because I love Ewan McGreggor... but also cause Sandra's girly old fashioned style is adorable.

so very pretty :)

my sandra inspired outfit:

ollllld shoes.... haha
Shirt: not sure.... :(
Skirt: Rue 21 I think?
Belt: Goodwill Boutique
Shoes: Goodwill Boutique

Can you guys tell I get half my stuff at goodwill? haha. I love thrift stores so much. 

1 comment:

  1. Your waist looks so itty bitty. Very time period appropriate.

    I looooved this movie. So glad you're doing this. =)