16 May 2011

Movie Mondays: Sydney White

Today I am posting a very chick-flicky movie monday. However, it lacks nothing in awesomeness.

I first saw this film with my girlfriends at a little movie-dinner-gossip sleepover in highschool. I'm pretty sure we ALL fell in love with it. I guess that doesn't say much since high school girls are probably the target audience for this film, but still. It stood out among a sea of mediocre cliched girly flicks.

This is one of those movies that's a modernized version of a classic fairy-tale. In this case, as you might have guessed, the film is based on the story of Snow White. I must say, the writers came up with some really clever allusions- some of which are pretty hilarious.

So, the story is about a girl (Sydney White) who is going off to college in hopes of joining her deceased mother's old sorority. When she gets there she finds the the president or whatever of the sorority is a super mega bitch who hates Sidney. Ultimately, the mega-bitch (who is not-so-suavely named Rachel Witchburn) kicks Sidney out of the sorority and embarrasses her in front of everyone.

So, Sydney finds herself without a place to live- cause, you know, colleges don't take care of that kind of thing- until she stumbles upon "the vortex", an unkempt old cottage-made-student-housing which is named for the way it "sucks in losers". Here Sydney meets 7 of these "losers"... also known as the 7 dorks. Yes, it's very silly.

The story goes off in all kinds of places from here but basically Rachel continues to try to make Sydney's life miserable, Sydney helps the dorks to realize their full potential, and of course there's a love interest (once again not at all sly-ly named Tyler Prince). There's also a poisoned apple, a prolonged sleep, and a fairest-of-them-all competition.

So, this movie is obviously pretty girly and silly and I'm pretty sure it's rated like pg but hey, it's like movie comfort food. Simple, familiar, funny, and sweet. Also it stars amanda bynes... and I just love her in all her movies. she's so hilarious and yet a perfect heroine at the same time.

here's a trailer:

also, stewart liked this movie so... take from that what you will haha.

a more serious movie monday next week :)


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