06 December 2010

Where has the time gone? oh yeah, SCHOOL.

It has been stupidly busy around here lately. It's the last week (technically it's a half-week) before finals, and I've been hard at work doing all sorts of end-of-semester projects, essays, and tests. It has been a total pain. I can't WAIT to graduate and get a job. I like learning and all that, but I think I'm just more cut out for a work environment where I don't have to study useless topics and hand in zillion page essays. Blegh. anyways, all this work has made me one busy student, and I haven't had time to be a busy blogger (which is a much more fun thing to be). When I have had free time, I've been spending it reading the Time Traveler's Wife, playing Mahjong (it's becoming a really nerdy addiction I'm afraid), and other such things. We went to a birthday/irish party on saturday night (it was like st paddy's 3 months early haha) which was fun, although I stayed sober to drive stew and our friend Alex home so after about an hour it was a little difficult to have an intelligent conversation with anyone.

In other news, Stewie got a new job (hooRAY!), and I'm incredibly excited about it (possibly more excited than he is) because it's at a movie theatre just a few blocks from our apartment. This means a. no more wasting a full gallon of gas everytime I drive stew to work and b. free movies/popcorn! Stewie worked at a theatre once before back in Prescott, and I spent the whoooole summer seeing movies for free. Seriously, name any movie that came out summer 08 and I bet I saw it. Anyways, I'm really happy about this. Stewie hated his job at Subway and I'm sure he will really enjoy being back in a theatre again.

So the reason I'm able to write right now is because I just finished my last essay of the semester, a media arts one about the legacy of italian neo realist film techniques throughout post WWII films (including Sunset Boulevard, From Here to Eternity, and Marty). Fun stuff. I'm so glad to be done with it so I can get back blogging and all of you, my lovely fellow bloggers. I'm already having some great ideas for holiday gifts and treats for my twelve days of christmas posts, and I can't wait to get started! Unfortunately, I think I left my nikon charger in Prescott over thanksgiving, so I'm currently without my beloved camera. I might borrow Stew's cannon, but as a warning you should know that any pics over the next week and a half are probably going to be crappy quality. I will try to fix 'em later.

Well, I guess that's all for now. I'll leave you with a pic of me two seconds ago, excited about stewie's big bag of green and red holiday peanut m 'n' ms. That boy's a keeper.

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