01 December 2010

Happy December :)

Hooray, it's december 1st! The day millions of people start their advent calenders, cookie and latke recipes start to take over the food blogs, thick fuzzy jackets start emerging from musty closets, and 18-22 year olds start anxiously counting down the papers, finals, and days until their blissful one month long vacation. I for one cannot wait. I've got 4 full days of school left 3 finals, 2 papers, and one module exam until I get to drive back up to chilly prescott and spend a month doing wonderful, fun, stress free things.

I know I say this about every holiday/month/season, but I love December. I love the holidays, with all the hot cocoa and toasty fires and gift giving and decorating and warm clothing. This year my family is doing a recycled/homemade christmas, meaning we are giving each other things that we either a. make ourselves, b. find at a thrift store, or c. already own but don't want or need anymore. This is very good news for me because I'm majorly broke- and while I don't mind getting expensive presents, I always feel kind of guilty about the money spent and much prefer to get something that is inexpensive but made or bought with love.

So I'm really excited about gift giving this year. I think it will be a great opportunity to spend time being creative and thinking of fun and frugal ideas. Also, it means I'll be able to make a lot of edible gifts! Who doesn't like receiving food as a gift? My head is filled with ideas of little jars of apple butter, trays of whimsically decorated cookies, tins of grasshopper brownies, and little antique bottles of herb and fruit infused vodka or homemade kahlua. Yay food :)

Speaking of all these ideas, I'm going to be doing a twelve days of christmas thing here on GO1000F. Now I did a bit of research to find out exactly when the twelve days of christmas are, and it turns out it's from Dec 25th-Jan 5 (the time between when Jesus was supposedly born and when he was visited by the wise men) but it seems a bit counterproductive to post 12 christmas themed posts in the days immediately following christmas, don't you think? So I'm just going to start on Dec. 14th and finish on the 25th. I don't know exactly what all these posts are going to include, but I can say there will be at least 3 or 4 cookie recipes, some hand made/cheap gifts, maybe a couple christmas movies, and probably some other stuff. haha. Anyways, I hope you stick around to see the stuff I come up with :)

That's all for now, it's time to go make a stir fry dinner and keep playing mahjong (my newest addicting method of procrastination). I'll be back in the next few days with stew and my third date post, a cold-weather/holiday party recipe, and some other things. Happy humpday lovelies!


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  1. Will you teach me to play mahjong over winter break, Love?