23 December 2010

10th Day of Christmas

Today is yet another handmade gift post. The only person who can't read this is my sister :). This is an easy and super cheap idea, if you already have everything you need for the project (which, chances are, you will). The only thing that might be a little pricey is essential oil, but a little bottle of it will probably last you years. Other than that, this gift will cost you less than 5$ to make.

I'm talking about homemade bath salts. They're simple but they look (and smell) fancy and will last a long time. They are a great gift for anyone with a tub :)

You will need:
kosher or epsom salts- I used two large boxes of kosher salt to make three large jars and 1 small jar of salts. I had extra as well.
essential oils of your choice- I used lavender, jasmine, and "calm water" from the body shop.
food coloring
ribbon for decorating
paper for tags

and that's it!

Start by washing out the jars you want to use.
Measure out the amount of salt needed to fill all the jars, and then divide the salts into however many types of essential oils you want to use.

To make the bath salts, add several drops of food coloring and several drops of one essential oil into the bowl of salts and stir until the color is uniform. When mixing colors (such as red and blue to make purple) mix the food coloring in a spoon first and then add it to the salts.

I decided to layer the different bath salts into the jars, but you could do one kind for each jar if you like.

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