10 December 2010

quick update and some tunes for your friday night

not to be redundant, but I'm crazy busy these days! So busy, that it was wednesday before I realized I had forgotten to do a movie monday. total fail! Oh, well, the craziness has pretty much come to a close now- I only have 2 finals left and they aren't until tuesday and wednesday. Other than school stuff, I've been taking care of all sorts of holiday things! I went shopping all over the place to find affordable but still nice gifts/things to make gifts. We went to two different goodwills, ross, 2 different walmarts (a grocery store and a department store), the tucson mall, michaels, joann's, and albertsons. And I'm still missing four things on my list. ah, well. I've been up to my ears in all kinds of fun cooking and infusing and glitter-gluing and I'm excited to show you guys some of the stuff in my upcoming 12 days of xmas posts.

Meanwhile, I thought I'd show you guys a couple videos from a 2-girl swedish band my friend Claire turned me on to recently. I love their folksy style and it seems just right for winter/fall.

although, it's freaking 80 degrees in tucson. wtf?

anyways, here is First Aid Kit- I might go more in depth about them sometime down the road but for now you can just watch and listen :)

aaand a holiday one!

have a great weekend!

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