03 December 2010

Date #3: A Walk to the Bridge

This is one of the ideas on the list of 100 dates stew and i found on the internet:

"36. Find a bridge and walk across it; the view can't be beat."

 Well, there aren't too many bridges in Tucson (unless you count the Interstate overpasses, which aren't really recommended for pedestrians to walk across), but there are one or two in prescott. While we were up there for thanksgiving last weekend, we went to our favorite coffee shop, cuppers, and then walked downtown to the town square and then a couple blocks over to an abandoned railroad bridge that we used to hang out at/longboard to in high school. You have to climb up a dirt hill to get up to the bridge, but it's pretty cool once you're there. I noticed that since the last time I had been there someone had brought up a little bench to sit on. The view from the bridge isn't spectacular, but it's still fun to be up there. Here are some pics!

Most the leaves had already fallen off the trees, but there were a few that still had some beautiful fall color, like the one above. It was reeeeally cold, with lows in the negatives at night time, but I really enjoyed it! The day stew and I went downtown to the bridge was one of the warmer days, and I actually wanted to take off my sweater and scarf to be more comfortable.

All in all, it was another nice, fun and thankfully cheap date :)


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