21 December 2010

7th Day of Christmas

Since today is monday (at least it was when I started writing this), I thought I'd make a movie-monday themed day of christmas post. Originally I was going to just do one really interesting lesser-known xmas movie, but it kind of seems like all christmas movie are so popular that there is really nothing I can put on here that will be very new to anyone. I mean some of the best holiday movies- Home Alone, Elf, A Christmas Story- have been seen by EVERYONE. So, instead of racking my brain trying to think of hidden gem holiday themed movies, I'm just going to give you a list of my personal holiday favorites- regardless of the fact that a fair few of them are big budget hollywood films ^^

hehe. it's such a silly story. and it's nice to see will ferrell in such an innocent role. Also, I love zooey deschanel and all her movies, even if she does look totally different when shes blond and wearing an elf suit. I think I mostly like this movie because of the scene where zooey and will sing Baby, It's Cold Outside, cause honestly I can't remember much else about the movie haha.

It's a Wonderful Life
Ah, a classic. This is such a sweet, life-affirming movie. I just love it. I'm sure pretty much everyone knows the story of this one so I won't go into it, but if you don't you should watch it!

The Holiday
This is undoubtedly one of my favorite movies of all time, no matter what part of the year it is. When I first saw the pay-per-view trailer, it annoyed me to no end because it just shows these women shrieking. Blegh. But, eventually I ended up watching it somehow and LOVED it. It's both a love story and a story about healing and self-appreciation. It's so sweet, and Jude Law is incredibly cute in it. And Jack Black is sweet and funny without being annoying, as he can sometimes be. Plus, it has Kate Winslet- undoubtedly one of my favorite actresses. She's so beautiful and amazing in this movie. Geez, i don't even know. I mean, it's definitely a romantic comedy, but it's such a GOOD one, you know? If you haven't seen it, by all means, do so very soon.

Now, technically this rock opera [turned into a major motion picture] takes places over the course of an entire year. However, a good 1/4-1/3 of it takes place during christmas and new years. it also begins and ends on December 24th (9 pm, eastern standard time). I won't pretend that the film holds a candle to the original broadway play, but it's still very good. It has most of the original broadway cast and contains most of the original songs/script. If you aren't familiar with rent, i encourage you to become familiar because it seriously changed my life! It is the most beautiful, affirming, wonderful story of friendship, love, freedom, beauty, expression, and bohemia. Geez it's good.

Love Actually
This is another sweet little romantic comedy. It's one of those movies that follows several stories at the same time, and at the end they all turn out to kind of have to do with each other. It's a very sweet, very fun holiday film. It's both hearbreaking and heartwarming at parts- truly a wonderful snapshot of love in many different situations. watch it! Sidenote: british children are THE cutest.

SO, there you have my five fave holiday-ish movies. At least the ones I can think of right now haha. Please, rent a couple and enjoy! they are all quite wonderful, I promise.


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