20 December 2010

please hold...

Don't worry, I have not abandoned my 12 days of christmas posts... I've just gotten a bit off track. I spent the past two days making 5 batches of cookie dough, about 50 tamales (both vegetarian and pork) 10 different batches of icing (two different consistencies and 5 different colors) and made a whole bunch of gifts. I am so beat! Luckily, all the cookies are finished for my cookie post (the one that was originally going to go up yesterday and which pretty much kept me from posting) and I have a couple fun holiday movies to tell you about (which I'm supposed to post today) I'm about to go out to dinner with my parents and hopefully when I get beack I will have the time (and energy) to edit all these photos and put up the posts. if not... well, then you'll be getting three posts from me tomorrow! haha. anyways, have a lovely evening and stay warm!


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