22 December 2010

Update (and a song)

What with all the days of christmas posts I haven't really had a chance to write about whats going on in my life these days. I drove up to Prescott last friday and spent a nice few days with my parents, doing some holiday shopping and gift making and going out to dinner and such. Yesterday the three of us made the 6 hr drive (through pretty much non-stop rain) over to LA to see my sister. The four of us are staying at her apartment for Christmas which I think will be very nice. Today we got a Christmas tree and they did some grocery shopping while I finished up making the last of my gifts (the most perishable ones). I posted my 9th day of Christmas blog and then we ate dinner and watched a couple episodes of Dollhouse (which I love but now think might be too fast-paced or confusing or violent for older minds..). After that we played a few rounds of bananagrams and now we're all in my sister's room getting ready for bed. My sis and I are sleeping in her bed and my parents are sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Definitely close quarters. I love my family but I'll probably have to find some way to get some solitude at some point :)

I'm really excited for Christmas... mostly because I just want to give everyone their presents already! I love making/buying things for people and I hate having to wait until they can open them. I'm also excited for all of this holiday madness to be over so I can just curl up with no obligations and read a book or something. Even though I'm on winter vacation I haven't felt like I am because I've been so stressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed with all the stuff I've been doing. For the most part I've enjoyed doing it all but it definitely wears me out.

So that's what has been going on lately. Before I go, I'll leave you with a song I've been playing a bunch recently. I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I've been listening to the band First Aid Kit and really loving them. Here's a song that I think is really beautiful (and a lot of fun to sing :) ). I've included the lyrics so you can read them... because I think they're nice. lol.

I met up with the king
He confessed his body was burning
I met up with the king
His body had began to rot
And he said,
"Don't think less of me,
I'm still the same man I used to be,"
But no one believed him
No one believed him

I once knew a pretty girl
And she was in love with the world
And she loved a young man
Who loved her body but never saw her mind.
He took
Everything she had kept
And then took everything else that was left.
But no one believed her
No one believed her.

I feel just like the king
As I fall on the muddy ground.
I feel just like you, girl
There's people thinking they know something now
Well I don't know anything at all
And we mean nothing to history
Well, thank God
So tell me,
Do you believe me?
Do you believe me?
I bet you don't
I bet you won't.

have a lovely evening

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