16 December 2010

3rd Day of Christmas

 Today's post will be short and sweet. Last night was Stewie's and my "christmas", since we aren't going to be together for a whole month (christmas and new years included). I had my last final in the morning and afterwards stewie and I sold our textbooks and did some last minute shopping. Then we came home, made some yummy brownies, opened each others' presents, and played cards and boardgames for the rest of the night. It was a lot of fun :)

I bought stewie a 25$ gift card for Game Daze (a store in the mall he really likes), the book "heat wave" (pretending to be by Richard Castle but actually by some unknown author.... if you've seen the tv show "castle" you'll know what I'm talking about), the first season of castle, and a pack of eco-edition bicycle cards (stew collects packs of cards).

Stewie bought me a really pretty incense burner and this awesome hat:
He also got me something else but he ordered it online and it hasn't come yet so I don't know what it is :)

Anyways, we slept in this morning and were exceedingly lazy all day. It was a perfect day weather-wise in my opinion- overcast when we woke up, sprinkling softly throughout most the day, raining a bit harder during the afternoon. It's still cloudy now and raining just a touch. I love it. It would be cool if it was snow, but at the same time I like that it feels all dark and stormy and wintery and I can still wear a dress and thigh-high socks with a thin cardigan. Stew and I watched a lot of castle today, got sandwiches from baggins (they are sooo delicious!), and then I took him to work at 5:30. Then I cleaned my room and packed big-time because I'm driving 3.5 hours up to prescott tomorrow, and then on tuesday my fam is driving out to cali to spend christmas at my sister's apartment, and then 2 weeks after that I'm going to mexico for the rest of the holiday! I'm really excited about it all... it's just a bummer that stew can't come with... but I know he will love having the apartment all to himself (he's expecially excited to clean it once all his roommates leave... haha).

despite all this crazy traveling, i still plan to on posting all my 12 days of christmas posts... I'll probably be doing a fair amount of blogging actually, cause I'm bound to have lots of free travel time. So yay for that! The rest of tonight will probably be more packing (getting all the stuff I have over at stew's apartment plus presents and things that need to be taken up north), picking stew up from work, and watching castle later. For the 3rd day of christmas I've put together a little holiday playlist to lsiten to while I/you go about my/your thursday night business. Some of the songs are actual holiday songs, while others just remind me of the holiday or winter season, or are just good songs :) haha. enjoy!


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