12 December 2010

Fleeting Life

A boy I went to school with died recently. I didn't know him, but Stewart did, and so did a lot of my other friends. Regardless, it's another name to add to the slowly growing list of my peers who have passed away well before they really should have.

Life is such a funny thing. We settle into a sense of comfort, believing things to be permanent and sure, but in reality nothing can be sure. When someone dies, especially someone very young, it seems like a wake up call, reminding us that our futures are not secured. We might die any moment. Someone we love might die at any moment, and there may not be any warning.

The fear can be gripping. It's easy to get lost in worry about what might happen. Unfortunately, trying to constantly keep everything and everyone safe from a sometimes harsh and unfair world is not any way to live. So what can be done?

We have to live anyways and accept the inherent risks in doing so. Ignoring the fact that our lives could be swept away from us at any time is the only way to make sure our lives are worth living. It is sad when someone passes away before they have a chance to do all the things they wanted to in the world, but sadder still when others give up the hope and desire to go after their own dreams in an effort to stay safe.

When people my age die, I feel so very sad about what they will not get to experience. I just assume that my future holds grad school, a good job, a loving husband and children... but I, too, could be swept away before I ever get to see any of these dreams materialize. This would be devastating, but I put these thoughts out of my mind so that I can enjoy the life I am blessed enough to still be living. Life is fleeting, but it is also wonderful.

It doesn't seem fair that some people live to be 90 years old while others die before they reach their 20s. The tragedy of Cameron's death can be seen as a reminder of this unfortunate reality, but also as a reminder that we should all be out there, living, loving, laughing, feeling, doing, lest we lose our chance to.

I urge you all to do so.

with love <3

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  1. Well said. Glad for an all round pondering on life. A in depth philosophy of life and death. So heartly and Wonderfully reflected the unfortunate realities. What an inspirational message on life, worth living. Similar, the beautiful 'Life is Fleeting'. Suffi an impressive and in depth . Thanking You For sharing and hope more and more. With Best Wishes.