18 December 2010

5th Day of Christmas

Don't read this if you are my mom, dad, or sis!
 Today is another homemade gift post. yay! This is a fun, creative, and sentimental idea that is perfect for close friends or family. Photo frame collages :)

I started by buying a few cheap frames from goodwill and walmart. 2 of the frames were 99 cents, one was 3$. I love cheap presents.
I made the collages right on the backs of the frames. that way, they were the perfect size :)

First, I found some pretty paper (scrapbook paper from craft stores like Michael's or Joann works really well) and glued it onto the frame backs.

Next, I glued little paper triangles on the frame backs to hold pictures- I made frames for my parents and my sister, so i used one picture of me, my mom, and my sis, one of me, my dad, and my sis, and a few pics of just me and my sis. Using triangle photo holders instead of gluing the pictures right onto the frame backs keeps the pic from getting messed up and makes it possible to change the pic down the road.
On my parent's collages, I also included a little quote from a book or poem that is special or meaningful. 

I filled up the rest of the space in the frame with glitter-glued names and pretty little details.
Overall, I think they turned out really well!
The frames cost me 5$, the scrapbook paper was 1$, and I had the ribbon, glitter glue, and pictures on hand- meaning, these three sweet, pretty gifts cost me 4 dollars total- 1.33 each! That's good spending, if you ask me- and homemade, sentimental gifts tend to mean more than really expensive gifts anyways. 

I'll be back tomorrow with some fun cookie recipes and decorating tips!

Happy holidays :)


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