13 March 2013

Top Ten Posts

I didn't want yesterday's blogiversary post to be suuuuper long, so I left out the list of the top ten most popular/viewed posts from the last three years. Here they are now! There's a good mix of recipes, a handful of movie mondays, and a few other random posts. Enjoy!

1. Reasons why Autumn is the Best Season- my most popular post by a loooong shot. It has over 500 views more than the second most popular post. I think it got into the stumbleupon world.
2. Movie Mondays: Wristcutters: A Love Story- one of my favorite movies to this day.. according to my stats though a lot of people find this post after google searching "cutting wrists" :/ soo... that's unfortunate/weird. I hope those people are inspired to watch this excellent movie and are thus in a much happier and enlightened place for having done so.
3. Movie Mondays: Life as a House- I think this was one of the first R rated movies I saw when I was a kid. Very sweet film. And Hayden Christensen at 20 playing an angsty lil teenager is a real cutie.
4. 20 Things to do in my 20th Year-I'm glad this post is popular because I think it's one of the better things I decided to do on this blog. I didn't do them all but maybe I'll recycle a few for my upcoming 22 in 22! I am starting to think I may never have the chance to beat Stewart at Chinese Checkers though.
5. Shampoo? Toothpaste? Facewash? Who needs 'em!- This post has a really corny title, but some pretty decent info/ideas for anyone trying to go the all natural/no-poo hygiene route. I still stand by it all! Especially the facewash. PUT OIL ALL OVER YOUR FACE. seriously. you'll thank me.
6. 7 Layer Burritos- The only post I know of that has gotten "pinned", which makes sense because pinterest is obsessed with copycat recipes. Inspired by my 17 year old self's diet of taco bell but so much more delicious.

 7. Sesame Seared Tuna and Papaya Tempura Sushi with Spicy Sesame Sauce and Papaya Chutney- A long time ago I did this thing for a website that doesn't exist anymore called Foodie Fights. It was basically a competition between food bloggers... 5 or 6 people could enter each week, 2 secret ingredients would be revealed, and everyone would create/blog about a dish. The winner from the previous week and a special guest judge would decide the winners. This was my first entry and it won! If you couldn't figure it out the secret ingredients were sesame seeds and papaya.

8. Mint Nail Polish and 30 Day Challenge Day 18- I have no idea why this post is popular but it has a couple weird pictures of me and a couple funny videos. And I'm wearing nail polish and trying to be cute.
9. How to Couch-Hop Successfully- I had no idea, when writing this post in a state of frustration and annoyance at my current house guest situation that it would become so popular. Honestly I sound a bit like a self-righteous bitch in it. Oh well. I stand by my tips! And don't hop onto my couch if you don't like it ;)
10. Movie Mondays: Dakota Skye- Another awesome movie. Low budget indie, filmed in Scottsdale AZ which is cool. Great quality and sweet, interesting storyline about a teenage girl. Very very nice.

There you have it! That, apparently, is what people have been reading on this blog. Lots more recipes/movie mondays/other cool stuff in the archives :)


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