08 September 2011

Vices Challenge

Around this time of the year, I always get to thinking about my vices. Mostly in terms of consumption. Last year I spent the month of November not drinking, and while it didn't make me feel that different it felt really great not having to worry about hangovers or finding safe ways home or having to afford alcohol. and i'm sure my body thanked me. This year I'm feeling kind of flabby and gross, despite the 14 pounds I lost this summer. I know I weigh less, but I think I've lost a lot of my muscle mass and I blame this mostly on the food I eat. Don't get  me wrong, I eat and cook very healthfully but lately I've been letting myself "splurge" or "binge" more, letting myself give in to my tiredness/laziness/hunger and going out for food or grabbing a quick snack rather than actually cooking. This must end. So, I'm challenging myself to give up some of my vices for short times. Here's how it's going to play out:

Week one: Give up two things I eat regularly that I know aren't that good for me.
Week two: Eat only homemade meals- nothing that has preservatives.
Week three: Don't eat any added sugar (fruit is ok, cupcakes are not)
Week four: Go fat-free

I'm pretty sure I'll let these challenges build on themselves so that by week four I'll be eating fat and sugar free homemade meals. Also the things I'm going to give up are cheese and chocolate because seriously, I think if I didn't have some semblance of weight/health concern I would just live off of those two things forever. Example: I've probably had about 4 servings of cheese today and one chocolate bar, and no actual real meal. yeah, disgusting. anyways...

I'm hoping this will be a good way to cleanse my system and get rid of my addiction/cravings for fat, sugar, preservatives/chemicals (like msg) and most importantly cheese and chocolate. I used to be a vegan and I'd really love to kick cheese again since it's all full of opiates and fat and sodium. it's just so damn delicious :/

If anyone wants to join this challenge with me feel free. I'll be checking in among my regular posts every few days to let you know how things are going/how I'm feeling/etc. Also, I'm starting today (thursday- it works well because it's my last day of school and first day of work most weeks) and ending Wed, the 5th of October. Have a happy, healthy thurs/weekend lovemuffins!!


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