13 September 2011

Movie Mondays: Horrible Bosses

A couple weeks ago I went out to the movies (for the first time in forever because it costs a million dollars) with a few close friends. I figured it would probably be a good idea to review the flick we saw for a movie monday :)

We saw horrible bosses, which is a Seth Gordon directed film starring Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Anniston, Colin Farrell, Kevin Spacey, and Jamie Fox. It's geared towards the same crowd as The Hangover and Knocked Up- So, you know, my demographic. Young 20 somethings who are ok with a little raciness/vulgarity in the name of humor. All in all, it was a good film.

The plot is that there are three young men, all of whom hate their bosses. One has your typical asshole "eff with me and I'll make sure you never get hired anywhere again" alpha male narcissistic boss. Another has a crackhead, crazy, prostitute-loving, only-the-boss-because-his-dad-owned-the-business-and-then-died-without-warning boss. The last has a super sexy but super inappropriate boss who is constantly sexually harassing him and threatening to ruin his engagement if he doesn't sleep with her. Essentially, the three men agree to kill each others' bosses. Kind of like strangers on a train. which they acknowledge in the film.

The film is 100% meant to be a comedy, so obviously all kinds of things go wrong and there's plenty of silly jokes and slapstick humor. The cast is strong and all the actors do a phenomenal job with a less than stunning plotline (in my opinion). I lawled at least a couple times and definitely left the movie theatre feeling like it was worth it. But then again I didn't pay for my own ticket :) basically, I thought this was a better than decent movie that is definitely worth a watch, and if you happen to have a disposable income it's worth seeing in theatres. It's funny, interesting to watch, and well-paced. Definitely a step above a lot of films that come out these days.

Anyways, here's a trailer:

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