01 September 2011

Lovely Little Things V.IV

Back to school, back to monthly volumes of lovely little things. This will be a special summer-themed edition since I missed all the summer months

1. Making/Drinking drinks with little skewers of fruit and adorable little umbrellas.
2. Summer Romances
 3. Warm evenings and long, late sunsets
4. Going on picnics (ignore how retarded I look in this picture)
5. Taking day trips to swimming holes, rivers, etc.
6. Spending a whole day in your pjs, doing whatever the eff you want.
7. Eating nothing but a plate of fresh, cool, in season fruits and veggies for a meal
8. Having the time and freedom to discover new hobbies, reach into your creativity, and rediscover lost talents and interests.
9. Dining outside
10. Having a reason to run through sprinklers at any time of the day or night.

Happy September/end of summer my lovelies. I know I'm sad to see it go... but then again I'm going to have 100 degree weather for at least another month :/ Sure do miss the freedom though! See you next month with another volume of Lovely Little Things