07 September 2011

A poem/song for your wednesday

hello lovelies, I'm too lazy to think up a good, interesting post right now so this is what you get!

These are the lyrics to a song i've been working on. I have the melody as well as the accompaniment pretty much worked out it's just been a matter of having the time/resources to put it all together.

I don't usually share my own work because i'm insanely self conscious and I'm never satisfied, AND lyrics sound so incredibly stupid when you just read them off paper. seriously. very, very stupid. But I had a few drinks the other night and ended up being convinced by one of my friends to write it down and let him read it so I figure now that it's already out I might as well show the rest of the world haha.

I like symbolism and double meanings and stuff like that, the problem is I'm usually the only one who gets it. So if something sounds weird/retarded to you, it probably means something else/more important to me. also, you probably won't really know what this is about at all besides getting the general concept because I haven't talked about it on here or to my real life friends :) anyways, disclaimers aside, i hope you enjoy this little peek into my creative musings and don't judge too harshly. hopefully in a few weeks I can upload a vid of me actually singing/playing it!

Where Can We Go

Today I picked through my memory
Trying to find what was left to squeeze.
All that I got were a few drops on my fingers,
But they fill my cuts, now everything hurts.
Everything hurts.

Isn't it funny how in just a few hours
Our noses fill with smoke and our tongues turn sour?
We rub sleep from our eyes and we scrub our hands clean,
We're humbled and hardened but we still have the dream.
We still have the dream.

And oh, where can we go?
Oh, where can we go?

We built a castle out of wishes and seafoam,
Cupped it in our hands and tried to blow it home..
But it was windy that day and bubbles landed on my face
You kissed 'em off and said "it wouldnt've worked anyways"
It wouldn'tve worked anyways.

And oh, where can we go?
Oh, where can we go?

Sweaty hands and salty feet,
Closed eyelids and cold concrete.
Faulty doorknobs and open windows,
Nobody knows, nobody knows.

And oh, where can we go?
Oh where can we go?
Oh, nobody knows,
Oh, please take me home.

Today I picked through my memory
And found candy wrappers and dusty olive trees.
You never wrote me but I guess it's alright,
Most people forget when they open their eyes.
We opened our eyes.

And oh, where can we go?
Oh, where can we go?
Oh, nobody knows.
Oh, where did you go?

There you go lovemuffins. I'm biting my lip as i post this- it's really hard for me to expose my private thoughts and musings and creativity to the whole world, land even harder to expose them to you 34 friends and readers! But I figure if I'm going to be a writer/filmmaker/whatever I end up being someday I'm going to have to learn to let the world see my creations.

Real post tomorrow! Love you all so much.



  1. "We built a castle out of wishes and seafoam,
    Cupped it in our hands and tried to blow it home.."

    This image is killing me, girl. I LOVE it. I'm obsessed with images in poems and stories and you have a lot of great ones. Have you considered taking a poetry workshop at UA? I took one last semester that I loved. Everyone is so supportive and you get a lot of great feedback on your work. :)

  2. Girl, this is amazing! I'm dying over it.
    -Alex Harlan