22 September 2011


Guys, I have been a MESS lately. I came down with this nasty cold- stewart had it originally and I thought I had avoided it all together but as soon as her got better I got sniffly, coughy, scratchy, and snotty. Not fun. It sucked extra because I had the VW fest last weekend which I had been looking forward to all year, and it was made slightly less awesome by having to constantly blow my nose and chug cough syrup and pop pills and suck on lozenges. Only slightly though. It was still epically awesome.

I also have this weird itchy rash- don't worry, it's just on my arms, legs, and hands- that has been bugging me for like a month. I went to the doctor on monday- convenient cause I could also have her treat my cold- and she prescribed me some corticosteroid cream. hopefully it works. Yay for intimate medical details you probably aren't really interested in!

The point is that my slew of illnesses along with my long-awaited trip to Jerome/Prescott for the VW fest and the fact that I'm working two jobs and going to school full time are my stockpile of excuses for my absences as of late. Don't worry, I haven't been lazy- in fact I've got a mountain of posts thought up which I'm going to start working on as soon as I finish this up. some really awesome movie mondays, a fun little fall feature, an end of summer post, a vw post, all sorts of fun things. So get ready to have your blogger socks knocked off.

See you soon!

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  1. Good, I've been super bored lately and thinking "where's Emily?" Feel better soon tho :(