22 August 2011


 oh, summer. you get me off doing things like lake picnics and fancy dress parties and '50's beer pong nights and late nights and lunches out and you get me forgetting about blogging! i missed it, and i missed you all, but i can't say i didn't have a lot of fun in my last few weeks of summer :)

I've got a few posts planned for the next couple weeks- i'm planning on doing that fast i listed in my 20 things before i'm 20 post within the next few days, cause i've got a salt river trip planned for labor day and I'd like to look nice and healthy and detoxed and thin :) I also need to do an end of summer post, because this summer was epic and crazy and amazing and the best summer of my life and also the most insane at at times sad summer of my life. so you guys need to see lots of pictures and hear lots of details :) aaaand i've got a few other things up my sleeve for the next few things that i think will be fun... not to mention the 200 remaining greece pics!

for now, let me tell you some things that have been going on these days:

i had my first day of my junior year of college today (upperclassmen, woo!). i only had one two hour class starting at 2pm and it was a breeze. i'm so in love with my schedule this semester.

i'm hoping (and kind of expecting, fingers crossed...) to get a job at brooklyn pizza on fourth ave this wednesday. i have an interview and my buddy caleb who worked with me at mama eddas up in prescott put in a good word for me. we'll see!

stewart and i broke up. don't freak, we're still best friends and we're actually still living together this year. things had been drifting for a while and it just feels better this way. we do everything we used to do, just without the relationship-y part, and it's been going great so far :)

i hung out with all my old friends from edda's this summer- like, i spent every night at their house- and it was the hardest thing in the world to say goodbye to them :(

i watched the entire series of battlestar galactica with stewart, and I LOVED IT. judge me accordingly.

I've been feeling really inspired lately, and i finished two poems/songs tonight. maybe i'll share them with you soon :)

I went to see horrible bosses. it's good. worth a look. only if you're under 40 and like the actors, though.

this is probably the most confusing, exciting, love and emotion-filled time of my life... it's been crazy, and i've come to realize i can never know what to expect and i can only know what i want in any given moment, not for the long-haul, at least not now. it's been crazy. i wish i could say more, but it's complicated.

a real summer post will be coming soon, probably after the salt river trip in a couple weeks. i missed you all, and i appreciate you all sticking around in my absence. love you!


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