29 August 2011


This made me giggle :)

But seriously, don't you just hate it when you text someone and then they take 200 million years to text back? it doesn't even have to be someone you're romantically involved with, although that can make it more annoying.  It's especially sucky when they text you back quickly the first time and then take forever on a subsequent text.

I also get annoyed when it happens through email. Yes, me=a million years old. I still use email. For instance, I emailed my boss on Sunday (the day after the schedule was made) to tell him I couldn't work on Tuesday at 10 am, because I have school. which I have given him the schedule to. So I don't know why I was scheduled to work on Tuesday at 10 in the first place. Anyways, I emailed him telling him I couldn't be in, and offering to work that night... no response by tonight, monday night. So I emailed him again, asking if he had received my previous email, apologizing for the inconvenience, and giving my availability schedule again. Still no response. Soooooo..... here I am, left wondering if he's going to be totally surprised and upset that I'm not at work tomrrow at ten am, or if he got my first email and just hasnt felt it necessary to email me back. OH THE DRAMA AND TENSION.


It's also retarded when someone texts you something like "how are you", and you respond and ask them how they are, and they respond with a one word answer. It's like, hey. YOU texted ME, so what's with the not engaging in the conversation? Is that really your whole purpose for texting me? you just wanted to see how I was? Because then you feel like you're annoying them by texting them back, when you weren't even the one who wanted to text in the first place. But I'm sorry, "how are you" "good, how are you?" "good." is not a conversation worthy of wasting time and texts.

Anyways, this whole new digital age has made our lives soooo much easier, but also so much more complicated. For instance, there's no more suspense and romance left in courting, because you can just text the person you like all day long until you're tired of them. No more waiting for the phone to ring for a date or having to, you know, figure out what a person is like based on conversation. it's all on facebook now. it's weird, and i'm not sure I like it. I'm pretty sure I'd be ok going back to the days when boys had to make an effort to talk to girls and we got to dress up pretty and receive flowers and make good first impressions on real live dates. Maybe it's more awkward and embarrassing, but it sounds nicer and more real, and more fun.

this was a totally random post, spurred by that one funny photo i found on (you guessed it!) pinterest. so I'm going to go before I get way to deep about very shallow things like email and texting.

see you all tomorrow, have a wonderful night :)


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  1. There was this guy I hung out with once or twice when I was single Senior year, and EVER FUCKING SINCE he'll text me with the word "hey." I ignore him. He still does it. Once a month almost guaranteed. When it was really bad he'd drunk dial me and ask why I never talk to him and why I'd lost interest in him. Good lord.