30 August 2011


E-readers, guys. Nooks, Kindles, whatever. What's your opinion on them? I personally agree with the sentiments of the cartoon above. And it's not like I never gave them a shot or anything, my mom let me use her brand new nook while I was in Greece, and man was it a pain in the ass. They say ereaders don't glare in the sunlight, but this one sure did. and it took FOREVER to charge, so I'd be in the middle of a reading a really good book out on the beach or next to the pool and suddenly it would die so I'd have to wait 5 million years before I could start reading again. And then I had nothing to do while sitting at said beach/pool. which sucked, a lot. 

also, it's just not as fun to technologically turn pages. And you can't underline things or write notes in the margins or dog ear the corners, which i always do. I get the appeal, I do! but it really wasn't my thing. especially since i hope to have a large library someday, and it kind of loses it's spectacle and awesomeness if all your books are digital files on a tiny little device. also, what if you lose it, or the internet goes under, or some other crazy thing happens where you cant access your digital files? we'd all be effed for a lot of reasons but mostly it would really suck that you wouldnt have any of your books anymore. i believe some things- magazines, important photos, and favorite movies included- deserve to have a physical, hard copy. And I'm not giving up the feel of real paper, the sight of printed ink, and the weight of an actual book in my hands any time soon.

Also, those commercials for the e-readers really piss me off. You know, where they try to make books look lame and like a huge hassle and e-readers look awesome and wonderful. You know who's going to buy an e-reader? someone who loves books. So don't try to sell your product by dissing on what your market loves. Annoying.

That's my rant for the day. am I old guys? am i now venturing into the "back in my day" territory? because this is the second post in three days about how that new-fangled technology is grinding my gears and I wish things could be simple, like they used to be.

hm. something to think about.

anyways, see you lovemuffins tomorrow, have a happy humpday!


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  1. I think only the Kindle is marketed as no-glare, and that's only the black and white. If you get anything with color, like for magazines or children's books or something, then it's an LED screen like a phone or computer and will have glare.
    I like the idea of e-readers, but to be fair I've never really used them. My dad has a nook and it's really nice and fun, but I hate the idea of having to repurchase all your books, you know? I would be more inclined to get one if they had a better selection of textbooks, because it would be wonderful to not have to carry around a bunch of heavy books!
    For now I'll just stick with the free e-reader apps for your computer. I have both the Kindle and the nook one for my computer and their great when the e-version is cheaper (only sometimes) or you need the book totally immediately. Plus sometimes they have really great deals, like a book for $2. But I don't think I would buy a whole new thing just to read it!