29 August 2011

Back to Normal...finally. well, kind of.

It has been a summer to end all summers, guys. I'll get into it more later (like i said i would last time.. heh..) but for now I want to let you all know that things are getting back to NORMAL. well, kind of. there's a prescott/salt river trip this weekend and the vw festival in two weeks, but other than that, i'm getting back to my ol' school-year routine. Back to working out every day, because we know how well THAT went over summer.. although i will mention that i still managed to lose about 15 pounds through sweating my soul out and hiking every day in greece :) It also helped that I wasn't around Stewie, so I wasn't tempted to make midnight runs to the grocery store for things like turtle pie and french onion dip and bbq chips. Yeah. we did that a LOT last year.

Anyways, tangent... back to working out. back to school 4 days a week. AND, I got a job, so I'll be bringing in the dough- as well as rolling, knotting, stretching, and tossing it, because I work at a pizza joint again. Best of all though, back to BLOGGING. i know i've said that a million times, but i'm taking this monday, which happens to be the start of the week that also marks the first of september, to jump right back in with movie mondays, tasty tuesdays, lovely little things, etc. yay! I saw some cool movies this summer so I've got a nice little list of posts for the next few weeks... I think it will be very, very good. get ready for one coming at you this afternoon.

I've still got greece pictures to show you, and a whole summer to try and concentrate into a blog post.. it's been an intense one, my friends, a very intense and wonderful one.

got to do homework and like, be productive or whatever... ;) so I'll leave you guys for now and have a movie monday up in a few hours!

love love love

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  1. I'm really excited about you getting back to blogging. Your posts are always so fun to read!