26 July 2011

gee, what is this pinterest th- oh, no.

soo, it happened.

I apathetically avoided Pinterest for several months, mostly cause I didn't really understand what it was and was too lazy to try and figure it out. But all my friends were raving about it and all the cool kids were doing it so... I checked it out today. And then I didn't leave my room. For a day. Except to go to the kitchen to grab handfuls of Trader Joe's salt and cracked pepper chips. I may have gone to a crazy birthday party last night involving hot chocolate and rumpleminze which made me lazy beyond belief today.

I still don't really "get" it... like, what are you supposed to pin? how do you pin? what's the point of it all again? But I do really like scrolling through and looking at the pretty pictures and clicking on the links. It's like refined, feminine stumbling but with all the goods laid out in front of you so you're not clicking a button for hours hoping for the best. Or, it's like we heart it with links that go with the pictures. Either way, I like it. A little too much, perhaps.

Here are some cool things I found today:

mmmm, i love gin and tonics... except that one that had roofies in it (never trust an australian in mykonos). these look absolutely wonderful and sooo refreshing... something that would be wonderful in this atrocious heat!

This would be the cutest gift idea to give out to friends and family with little ones. you could buy everything in bulk and make a bunch of them to give away!

Bit 'sessed with this project. I've always thought having little candy bowls around the house is a cute idea, but these diy apothecary jars are even better than that.

so yeah... that was my day. oh, except for i found a little puppy to take home this weekend! I'm so freaking excited about it... i'll overwhelm you guys with pics and stuff once I get it :) hope you all had a nice, relaxing tuesday!



  1. Pinterest is the best! I think I've pinned all those pictures at some point, haha. It's exactly what I always wanted out of stumbleupon and tumblr! It does get mighty addicting...whenever Keith or Sam asks me what I'm doing and I say Pinterest they kind of roll their eyes and say "Of course you are..."

  2. I love Pinterest. I spend way too much time on it. >.<

  3. With all this new stuff-to-waste-time-with coming out I can't even keep up. I found Tumblr semi recently. If I tried Pintrest I'm afraid my life would be over.