22 July 2011


So much has happened! All the crazy things I've been planning for and working on all year have come and gone in a blissful whirlwind of activity and fun. The past 6 weeks have been insane. Insanely amazing!

I'll get back to regular blogging- movie mondays, tasty tuesdays, lovely little things, etc in a few weeks when I get back down to Tucson and start getting ready for the school year and everything, but in the meantime I'll be popping in here every few days with tales of my summer adventures! Instead of overloading you with a trillion Greece pictures (after we left athens, I didn't find another computer to upload my pics to for the next 4 weeks!) in one post, I'm going to post about 15 a week so that I can be detailed in my documentation and the memories can live on for a while :) I've also got to tell you guys about the youth retreat catering thing, which went spectacularly. But more on all that later! Now begins my summer "vacation"- the part where I get to do nothing but kick back, drink fruity cocktails, go on river and camping trips, and host picnics at dusk with tiki torches. You know, all that summer stuff.

Thanks so much for being patient with me as my life went into crazy mode and I abandoned you all here for 6 weeks- I missed blogging so dearly and unfortunately I wasn't organized enough to actually plan out scheduled posts before I left- but not to worry, there are wonderful things to come! I love you all, can't wait to get back to reading and blogging! And hello to the couple new followers I picked up in my absence- I'm so glad you're here! Be back in a bit, lovelies.


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