10 June 2011

Athens Day 5

EEK! something is awry with this post. The pictures are currently on facebook (thank goodness) but have vanished from my computer, my picasa album, and my blog. I'll work on getting them back up in the next few weeks!

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So, these are probably going to get annoying and spam up your google reader because I'm not filtering any of my photo uploads. If it's annoying, don't read my blog for a while haha.

the first set of photos included photos from the city of athens, the acropolis, the agora, and poseidon's temple in a city i don't remember the name of.

this includes photos of Eleusis, where the story of demeter/persephone/the change of seasons originates. There are also pictures from the benaki museum and various things in downtown athens.

enjoy loves!

eating these delicious greek doughnut things. Can't remember their name but they are light and crispy, and almost custardy in texture in the center. you can get them smothered in chocolate or honey with powdered sugar. both were amazing! They were a treat from our professors on their anniversary :)
While on the bus on the way to Eleusis we passed a group of people walking with a torch for the special olympics! It's a tradition to walk to eleusis for these olympics apparently.

This is said to be the opening into the underworld at Eleusis, where Persephone could have been stollen into Hades.

Dionysus on the right and Demeter with Persephone on her lap on the left. The above are all from the museum at Eleusis.

On this trip we have two assignments- a site report which I will talk about later and a reading from a greek text like a play or a homeric work or something. I read an excerpt from the homeric hymn to demeter where demeter travels to eleusis where she eventually commands that a temple be built for her. My mom always used to tell me the myth of persephone and demeter and the pomegranite seeds so it was so cool to read from it at the site where it all "happened"!

The well where demeter sat in mourning when she first arrived in Eleusis.

The above three are remnants of an ancient roman bath, literally just in the middle of the city. There is stuff like this buried everywhere under athens.

I'm obsessed with these trees!
One of the guards outside the government building on Syntagma Square. They do this really awkward looking march haha

Protestors and police on syntagma

Gorgeous flowers outside the Benaki museum.
Me with jessica and jill, two of the girls on the trip with me :)

Athena and Poseidon. I don't know why but I just love this set of little statues!

The University of Athens, although it's not actually a university


  1. Everything is so stunningly beautiful. I hope you are having the time of your life!

  2. My favorite picture is the one of the three of you standing in those doorways!