29 February 2012

30 Day Challenge: Day 1

I'm such a sucker for these things. They remind me of the days of MySpace bulletins, where I'd waste the majority of a weekday evening answering survey after survey full of silly, pointless questions. Ahh, junior high. 

I feel like I've been out of the blogosphere for so long I literally have to go months back to catch up on all my favorite blogs. I was reading my friend Chloe's blog today and found that she made up a 30 day challenge like a week ago. It's a good one too! So I've decided I'm going to follow it. A good way to breathe fresh life into this old blog and hopefully get it rolling again. 

Here are the rules, I encourage you all to visit Chloe's blog and follow along too!
1. Your name, nicknames, changes to your name (if any), favorite usernames and meanings behind them. Insert your favorite picture(s) of yourself.
2. Some of your favorite things. Smells, songs, food, movies etc. Why are they your favorite?

3. Guilty pleasure things/secrets. That thing you like that people might make fun of you for.

4. Tattoos you have, their meanings, and/or tattoos you want to get.

5. Opinions on those things everyone argues about, brief or not so brief, and any one or more topics. (Politics, religions, rights etc) i.e. Things you feel strongly about.

6. Things you want, rational and irrational. Places you want to go, famous people you want to meet and more.

7. Working out: things that work for you; things you should do vs. what you are doing etc. Get motivated!

8. Style your hair in at least four or more ways and take pictures. Do you ever do these styles on regular days or for occasions? 

9. Comfort things; what do you do when you're sick to feel better? What do you eat/watch/do when you're having a bad day?

10. Childhood things; traditions and things that take you back. Did you have a favorite stuffed animal? What kind of books did you read? What were your favorite movies?

11. The best day; describe a good memory or the elements of a good day. 

12. Your best traits and your worst habits. Personal struggles as well as accomplishments. Balance it out. 

13. Things you're addicted to. Foods, sites, shows, whatever. 

14. Your favorite meal of the day and the elements that make it perfect. Obviously, post lots of delicious pictures. 

15. Things that make you jealous, whether it's possessions or people. 

16. Things you can't let go of. 

17. Something (or things) you haven't done in a while that you would really like to. 

18. Your hobbies or hobbies you would like to pick up. 

19. Your significant other. How you got together, your favorite things about them and maybe even things that bother you at times. 

20. Things you don't like that other people do. It's ranting time. Be specific.

21. Things that make you laugh really hard. Include some youtube videos. 

22. Your favorite video games and/or board games/card games/party games. Also include your least favorite.

23. Songs from your childhood/teenage years. Post some 90's/ early 2000's songs that take you back/make you laugh etc. Talk about the memories attached to them. 

24. VLOG DAY: take a video of yourself for this! Pronounce the following words: Aluminium, salmon, talk, caramel, lieutenant, mirror, scone, nearly, bath, grass, near, bacon, beer can, again, been, garage, process, hot, coffee, thought, not, tomato, potato, cheese, cake, Barbie, fond, duck, dog, cat, fish, chips, milk, friend, fried, disenchanted, sleep, dream, state, cinema, last ,lost, Raxocoricopalavitorious, antidisestablishmentarianism, dance, aunt, copper, win, one, on, herbs, rotten. Where were you born?

25. Three completely unselfish wishes for other people, and three selfish just-for-you wishes.

26. Some things you always think about. Where does your brain go when you try to fall asleep? 

27. Things you wish you could do. Skills, traveling etc. Include a video or pictures.

28. If you absolutely had to go back and relive a part of your life (say, a few months), what would it be? Would you change something, knowing it would most certainly have an effect on your future? 

29. If you could see a day of your future somehow, would you take the chance? How far forward would you go? What do you hope you see? What do you dread to see?

30. Admit or confess something. 

 Day One:  Your name, nicknames, changes to your name (if any), favorite usernames and meanings behind them. Insert your favorite picture(s) of yourself.

My first name is Emily, my middle name is Louise. I haven't made any changes to my name and I don't plan to, aside from maybe changing my last name when I get married. 
 I've got dozens of nicknames. Literally dozens. My mom called my "lou", "louie", "lou-lou", "lou-la-belle" and many other things as a kid. She still does, actually. My friends in middle school and high school called my "auntie em". some of them still do. I also got "mama emmy", because I was like the mom of the group at times. I also got just the standard "em" and "emmy" and of course "emi-lou". Stewie called me "emilem" all through our relationship and he sometimes still does. Probably the nickname that stuck the most was given to me by stewart's brother, brian. That would be "msoss" (it's pronounced em-sauce) or often just "soss". Brian calls me "sossy-poo" on occasion, too.
 usernames? hmm. lately I've taken to just using my first two initials (el) and attaching it to my last name. That's what college email addresses do for you anyways, so I just go with it. Sometimes I've used Emilemsoss (like on my twitter and stumbleupon accounts) because It's a combination of my two favorite nicknames. When I was younger I used to come up with all kinds of ridiculous screen names for use on msn messenger. remember msn messenger? does it even exist anymore? all I know is that is was all the rage in 8th grade. How else were you going to talk to your crush over summer? or before text messaging was something everyone had access to? I don't know if I can remember them now, but I can guarantee that many of them were cring-worthy emo song lyrics that I thought mirrored my life exactly. Thank god I graduated that phase. Now I just post them as my facebook statuses ;) jk. kind of.

See you tomorrow for day two!


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  1. I'm so flattered you're doing my challenge! Ah! I feel like no one else really cares about my blog so this is awesome haha